PAAS – Enabling enterprises to create custom SaaS apps

There has been quite a number of PAAS vendors who have made news recently. is the posterchild ofcourse along with the traditional Oracle and Microsoft platforms. But the new entrants BungeeLabs, Apprenda, Zoho and Etelos are crowding up the PAAS space quickly though there seem to differences in what each are offering.

Are we going to see enterprises take on PAAS in a big way? Already we have impressive examples from Starbucks, Dell, Dolby etc. on So it seems like there is quite a bit of momentum in this space.

Today there was an announcement from BungeeLabs that they are offering Federated Hosting to compete with Check this ReadWriteWeb article for more information. Travis Jensen of Bungee Labs has a good description of their solution here.

Perhaps one of the biggest play in the PAAS market might be Google. They have recently announced their App Engine solution. Check this video that describes their solution. With the ginormous Google infrastrcuture I would think they will be leaders in this space pretty soon.

Not to mention the development platforms offered by Facebook, MySpace and the likes of LinkedIn. These are very likely to be very important developments in the way enterprise and consumer applications are going to be delivered in the near future.

Not to be left behind, Microsoft offers its Windows Live Development Platform which is quite a powerful platform in itself. Many of the new entrants seem to be discounting the power of Microsoft to lead in the market eventually as it has done in the past. Today they announced the Windows Live Mesh, which is Ray Ozzies pet project and seems to be a Web 2.0 version of his Groove product.

Together Live Dev and Live Mesh could be head to head with Google’s offerings. Eventually these are the two companies that are likely to be the dominant forces in the PAAS space. It remains to be seen how IBM, SUN and Yahoo! plays in this space.

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